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Life has gotten to be a little nuts for me lately. It is all good stuff. I am just having to re think my time, my priorities, my schedule. I have started assisting with the online promotion for the Graceful Artist Online Event. I will be doing the majority of the blogging, and online promotion there. It really is a part-time gig, and I am having to carve time out from each day to attend to it. This is new or me. I have not worked for anyone outside our home for almost fifteen years. I am excited about it, and welcome the challenge. The kids are at an age where they need me less, so it is old to begin something new.

I have been giving a lot of time in the past month plus to filming my own class for the Graceful Artist. My Prayer Pouch Necklace class begins May 16. It has been fun. I really enjoy the process, but other things have been pushed aside. One of the things I have let slip is my Documented Life Journal.


That has been a bummer. I have really been enjoying this project. So, I have been trying to carve out time to get caught up. Just last week, I was able to complete the challenge that was given for the week of March 1. The challenge was to “make a list of the things that make you YOU.


I had fun with this one. I have begun to learn to be honest with myself about who I am and who God calls me to be. I have spent a lot of years wallowing in who I used to be, an lies about who I am still.

Another thing that is happening in the Smith home recently is that we are trying to prepare our house to go on the market for sale. The reasons are something to tackle in a separate post. So, I must declutter! In the process, I found a list I wrote about myself several years go in a class I took with my then Worship Pastor, Ben Kennedy and his wife, Lori. This class was a turning point for me in understanding that my art was not just a little side thing that I do when I should be giving time to my family and ministry. My art IS my ministry.

(The flip side of this page has notes about prophetic things that were given about me during the same class, I will share those someday soon too.)

It was so cool to come across this list after doing the work in my Documented Life Journal. Remember the old cigarette ad, “You’ve come a long way, baby”. Well, I really have. I remember the dawning on me at that time of how I had really been hiding my light under a basket. I was called and gifted to do this art thing. Now, I am living fully in that and pursuing it daily. I am so grateful for God speaking to me at that time, and to Ben and Lori for being here to facilitate that. I am so excited to realize that it is bearing fruit right now, even if the fruits are making me have to rearrange and shift and stretch and grow.
It is all so much goodness!


2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Lori and I were blessed to be in that class with ya! You are one of the most talented artists I have ever met. I hope that people get to discover the brilliant pieces you create in a growing way. Long live art!

  2. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring. I can very much relate when you say the children are older and need you less. I am rediscovering myself as well and digging deeper into what the Lord would have me to do now that I am on this new journey of life. I am an artist as well and I love how you said your art is your ministry. Someone mentioned that to me a while back and never really thought of it as that, until now.
    Have a great day!

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