Veiling With Acrylics Mini Tutorial

photo-12Every artist has their own unique process or technique for painting.  Mine is crazy.  I am serious.  Most of my paintings go through multiple stages and layers before finally landing at a good place to stop. I hesitate to say finished, because I don’t really know that they every really are.  My process mirrors my life. It is a continual cycle of change, learning, holding, experiencing and releasing.

One technique I use often in my process is veiling. I add a ghostly layer of paint over top of work that is already laid down to obscure it somewhat but not entirely.  I have had questions about veiling through my Facebook page. So I thought I would share a little tutorial on a couple of ways to veil with acrylics. Hope you enjoy it.  Would love to hear from you if you found it helpful.

3 thoughts on “Veiling With Acrylics Mini Tutorial

  1. Thanks Amy. I enjoyed seeing your technique. Thank you for demonstrating it so we can try it too. Reminds me of when I did Folk Art and we used “mudding” techniques to age our painting on wood. It was not at versatile as this as it was all done with brown tones. But I loved doing it.

  2. thank you so much. reminds me of the “mudding” technique we use on acrylic painted wood in the Fold Art style. all in brown tones though. I look forward to trying the “veiling” on a current painting.

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