The Documented Life Project Week 8


I have been playing along with The Documented Life Project since January. The project is the brainchild of five artists who are friends and decided to share their excitement about a method of arting up a Moleskine planner. The idea is to add a “tip-in” page to every week. The leaders give a challenge each week and the participants follow the instructions. The group has grown huge! The number of posts on the Facebook site are overwhelming to me. With my busy schedule, I fall behind on occasion, but I have been managing to catch up. I love looking at all the different interpretations artists have for each challenge. I have been able to stretch a bit myself.

I wanted to share my efforts on my week eight contribution (even though we are on week nine already) because I am excited about something new I am playing with.


That there is a roll of stickers. They are long and narrow, 4″x13″. I found them at one of my absolute favorite places to discover wacky art supplies, the Scrap Exchange. They are a “creative reuse arts center in Durham, NC. It is basically a warehouse full of donated stuff. Much of it is manufacturing cast offs, or excess supplies from businesses. They have every kind of office supply, fabric, paper, plastic, frames…. On and on. I will have to do a post on that one day.

Anyhow, I found these rolls of stickers and thought ” those would be cool to art all over. Omygosh, I was so very right.
Of course, I had to collage on a couple of Spirograph doodles first.

This is acrylic ink, and acrylic paint mixed with airbrush medium. Yum!

Stamping and doodling and so forth.

And I got carried away and forgot to take photos. This is actually a whole ‘nuther sticker. you can see I started with some stamping with a hand carved stamp, doodling with a pitt pen and went over that with acrylic inks too. I added fluid acrylic dots and moreairbrush acrylic all over.

I added orange acrylic on my circles, a little doodling and teeny dots with Liquitex paint pens.

Then I cut the sticker to fit, peeled it, and stuck it in.


The challenge for week eight was too add a flap to your page. I was inspired this week by a wonderful adventure I took with my two kiddos. They are getting older and needing mommy much less. We used to take off on grand adventures together all the time. I wanted to recapture the magic, so we took off to Durham. I will spare you all the details, that may be yet another blog post. Suffice it to say, the trip was a huge success and mommy was thrilled.
So, I decided I would document the way that felt in an artful way. I added number stencils as my flaps. 1, 2, 3- for the three of us. I painted them with latex wall paint. I adore the sample bottles of Valspar colors for a couple bucks.


I wrote “we belong together” on the stencil flaps because that is how I felt all day.


I know I won’t always have them with me, but we three had a great time on our Friday adventure.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my process, and can get how utterly cool these stickers are. I will be playing with these much more!

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  1. BRAVA! I love your creative use of the cool find from The Scrap — hmmm, do they have more of those? Good to ‘see’ you back in Blog Land — the time does fly 😉

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