I am Rooted, But I Flow

I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me. I am arch, gay, languid, melancholy by turns. I am rooted, but I flow. -Virginia Woolf


It is Thursday. The beginning of this year started out with Thursdays being MY DAY. The kids normally go to a full day of homeschool classes with another mom on Thursday, and I get the entire day alone. I don’t schedule anything on Thursday. It is just my day at home by myself to work. It has been a really long time since I had an alone Thursday. Weather and illness have meant that classes were cancelled several weeks in a row. We were gearing up to go to class this morning when I got the email that my Mom friend is still very sick and has to cancel again. I was very surprised to find that I am totally okay with this.
It used to be that I was very ritualistic about my art making. My studio was separate from my home. I felt like I had to be in there for long stretches of time with no interruption in order to be at all productive. I had to have a cup of coffee and the right jams playing. It was even better if the whole family was out of the house.


In the new house, I have a tiny room right smack in the middle of the life of things. It opens to the kitchen and the main room. It is exposed to everything that is happening. I thought I would hate this. On the contrary, it has been fantastic. Without going into a long story just yet, I will just say that my art making has totally shifted this year. It has really become integrated into my everyday existence. I am in and out of the studio flowing from housework to helping with math to cooking and back again to make a mark on a canvas or a swipe of paint on the paper. I am flowing. Art is flowing. Life is flowing.
So, when I learned that the kiddos were going to be home all Thursday long again, it just enfolded right into the flow. I had planned to get outside this morning before the rain to explore. I ushered the kids out too. Adam is working on building a campsite in the woods. Messa and I wandered to the swamp and the creek. It was a perfect way to start a day of creative play, to fill the well before pouring it out on the canvas.


Dreams Really Do Come True

This post was supposed to be a very touching share about a precious gift I received last weekend. It is still that, but in trying to capture images to go along with my story, absolute madness and hilarity ensued. I seriously laughed until I thought I might have an “accident.” So, I will start with that, and then move on to the touching part.




That is my boy!

Now for the sweetness….
My son and husband made a small dream come true for me this weekend. I have always wanted a hammock in my yard. I mean always! I have been married to Matt almost 19 years, and I think I have dropped hints about this thing for all of them. He and The Boy went to a yard sale over the weekend. The Boy, who I often wonder if he hears ANYTHING I say, spotted a hammock with a hammock stand. “Mom would really love that” he says. Knock me over with a feather! Am I raising a young man who listens and notices what someone he loves desires? Future wife will thank me eternally! Even better, Matt listened to The Boy. They totally came home with the thing on the trailer and put it right where I pointed in the yard. My heart went pitter patter for the Man I love and adore and the amazing, caring young man we are raising. What a blessed woman I am.