Recycling Old Written Journals

I am a journaler. I do journal visually, but I find that nothing can compare to the stream of consciousness tumbling of stuff in my head out onto paper. Forgive me.
Most of my journaling is prayer. I try to start each day in conversation with God. Since I tend to be a little distractable, it does not really work for me to bow my head and pray silently to myself. Sometimes I speak my prayers out loud. Most often, I write them. The physicality of writing helps me keep my head where it is supposed to be instead of floating off into thinking about what to make for dinner, or how to handle an issue with one of the kids.


I have kept my journals over the years, so I have a pretty good stack of them.

I had the idea that I would read back through them at some point, but that just never happens. I thought I might alter them into visual journals, but for the most part, they are not sturdy enough to take it. So, I am ripping them to shreds…. To use in my artwork of course. I created a couple of pieces on canvas using ripped bits from my old journal notebooks in the background collage. Then I sketched and painted and stitched, and viola













On a side note, as I was ripping into one particular journal, I found an entry I made just prior to going to Ethiopia to meet my daughter for the first time.  I read it to her, and have set it aside for her. She will have it as a remembrance of how much we loved her before we even met her.

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