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I finally have, here in my eager little hands, a copy of THE BOOK!

Of course I am referring to Map Art Lab: 52 Exciting Art Explorations in Mapmaking, Imagination and Travel.

Before we go much farther, let me invite you to comment on this blog post for an opportunity to win a free copy of THE BOOK.  At the bottom of this post you will find a list of links to the pages of all the other contributors who are participating in this blog hop, and also giving away a copy.  Read and comment on all of them to increase your chances to win. The winners names will be drawn on May 16 ( the same day that my Prayer Pouch Necklace online workshop begins, incidentally.) Trust me that you want to have this book.  Imagine having a prompt for a map related art project for every week of the year!  I know, it is almost more that you can handle!

Of course, I am excited to have been included among the wildly talented and esteemed contributors of the book. Two projects of mine are featured in the project pages.

Abstract Map Bowls

Abstract Map Bowls

Abstract Map Bowls

Abstract Map Bowls

These map bowls are created from old wooden salad bowls found at yard sales and thrift stores.  They are  multi-layered with paints and collage.  Each of them represents a landscape that is real, or fictional.  You will need to get the book to get the details, but I will share this close-up and insight about my “Hometown” bowl.

Close-up of "Hometown"

Close-up of “Hometown”

I grew up in Crozet, Virginia.  Crozet is a small town at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  When I was a kid it was a small, rural community.  Everyone knew each other. It was a wonderful place to be a kid.  In this detail shot, you can see three purple houses in the subdivision picture in the middle of the bowl.  One is my childhood home.  The other two represent the homes of my two best friends, Beth and Carrie.  I still love those girls.  I still love Crozet!

Prayer Scroll

Prayer Scroll

The second project I have in the book is this Prayer Scroll.  I made this scroll as a gift for my daughter, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007.  It shows our journey to her. Again, you will have to get the book for more detailed information on this project.

Prayer Scroll

Prayer Scroll

Thank you so much to Jill Berry and her sister, Linden McNeilly for asking me to be part of this beautiful project.  It is such an honor to be included among such talented artists.

I have to tell you that I am pretty darned excited about this book for much more than my artwork being included.  Each project is written with detailed, easy to follow instructions that are awesome for kids of all ages.  Educators will love working through these exercises with their students.  My two kiddos are homeschooled.  They participate in a weekly art class with dear friend of mine.  We have already started laying plans for working through some of the projects with the group.  I am also really stoked to do some of these projects on my own.  I love prompts to help get creative juices flowing, and having one for every week of the year is fabulous!

Can you tell I am excited? You will be too when you get your copy.  I hope you win one from myself or one of the other contributors listed below. Visit each of them.  Read and comment, and please share this post with your friends on Facebook, via email and twitter. Let us know where you shared it! Thanks!

May 7 Linden McNeilly
May 8 Kim Rae Nugent
May 9 Cynthia Morris
May 13 Janet Fox
May 14 Tony Kehlhofer
May 15 Laurie Mika

28 thoughts on “Map Art Lab Book Release and Giveaway

  1. Love this book, just went I to my attic to get all the old wooden bowls that were my moms, but could not use or throw away! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    • Congratulations Lissa! You are the winner of my book giveaway! Linden will contact you shortly to get shipping information from you.

  2. Those bowls are awesome! Can’t wait to get my copy of the book and see the instructions…and all the other map projects. I would love to win a copy of the book so my friend across the country and I could do the projects together 🙂

  3. Wow, I love the Scroll Through Time! The bowl is amazing as well. I would love to have this book. It has gorgeous pictures from what I can see and I want to play around with the map techniques in my art journal.

  4. Beautiful work! I’ve known Linden and Jill since we were in junior high. They’re from a very creative family.

  5. Amy, congratulations – I am so happy for you! And I am so honored to have been a part of the inspiration for your piece. I have loved you always! You must tell me how I can buy a copy. xoxo

  6. This book looks so fun! I love the scroll…and I love that there is a project a week in the book. How fun!!

  7. BRAVA! So happy for you, and so excited for a chance to win a copy of this beauty! Your work is stunning, and I look forward to reading more about each of the featured projects 🙂

  8. I knew there was an amazing use for those wooden salad bowls in my garage! Now I just need Jill’s book for a bit of guidance! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Love love love the book. Can’t wait to flip through the pages and projects. All I have seen is wonderful.

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