287081_262976693714593_7875297_oAs I sat down to begin to share all that is unfolding in my life and work right now. I felt that I could not move forward in my narrative without taking the time to share with you the most significant change that has rocked my world, because nothing that is happening to me now, or ever will happen going forward will mean anything outside of the context of this one earth shattering event.

I lost my mama.

It is hard to write anything more about that. How can I adequately describe what that means in my life? My mama was a fixed navigational point in my life. Her presence, her wisdom ,her influence, her goodness, could be depended on whatever might come. Whatever happened in my life, good or bad, could not be fully understood outside of the context of mama. I did not celebrate or mourn without her.

She was the best there was. Jesus is blessed to have her.


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  1. I love you, friend, and I can only imagine how different my life will feel when I have to navigate it without my mama. Hugs and prayers headed your way.

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