Leah’s Chickens of Hope

I am sure most of us remember the devastating floods in Colorado last September. It was horrifying to watch walls of water wash through homes and businesses and take everything away from folks just like you and me. I felt helpless.
A precious friend of mine, Jill Berry, lives in Colorado. She does not live in the flood zone, but has friends who were. One such friend, Leah, lost her home and her art studio, everything really. She and her husband got out by zip line with their dog and chickens. You can read more about the story on Jill’s blog. Jill is holding a fundraiser for Leah and her husband, Scott. You can bid on some awesome chicken ornaments she made, or make a donation. I felt moved to help after reading her post and decided to offer a chicken of my own.


My “Funky Chicken” is mixed media on a 12×12″ MDF panel. I am offering her up for bid with all proceeds going to Leah and her husband for their recovery. You may leave a bid in the comments, or bid anonymously via email to amymasmith@gmail.com. I will update the comments with the current highest bid regularly. I will pick a winner on Friday, January 17, the same day Jill chooses her winner.
If you would just like to make a donation, you can do that here.

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