Feast and Famine

I am a way too little or almost too much kind of gal. I go through dry spells that seem like they will never end, and then suddenly inspiration and productivity come crashing in giant waves. I envy those artists who are able to maintain a steady constant state of creativity in their studio. I don’t know if this way of making is a permanent way for me, or if it will change with the seasons of my life as the kids grow up and separate from me. I do know there are other artist who work this way. That is comforting.

I don’t want to complain. When the flood comes, it is very good. When in times of dryness, I long for the flood, but I also look for creativity in other places, in raising and schooling my babies, in tending to my home, in dating my husband, in worship. So maybe the times that feel dry and unproductive artistically are well-filling times. Maybe the days of flood are when the dam inside me breaks loose with all the inspiration that has accumulated there. So, i suppose, I need to appreciate both for what they give me.

For the last week, I have been swept up in the flood. I am hoping it sticks with me for a bit as I have a new shop to produce for, and a show coming up in November.


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