Dreams Really Do Come True

This post was supposed to be a very touching share about a precious gift I received last weekend. It is still that, but in trying to capture images to go along with my story, absolute madness and hilarity ensued. I seriously laughed until I thought I might have an “accident.” So, I will start with that, and then move on to the touching part.




That is my boy!

Now for the sweetness….
My son and husband made a small dream come true for me this weekend. I have always wanted a hammock in my yard. I mean always! I have been married to Matt almost 19 years, and I think I have dropped hints about this thing for all of them. He and The Boy went to a yard sale over the weekend. The Boy, who I often wonder if he hears ANYTHING I say, spotted a hammock with a hammock stand. “Mom would really love that” he says. Knock me over with a feather! Am I raising a young man who listens and notices what someone he loves desires? Future wife will thank me eternally! Even better, Matt listened to The Boy. They totally came home with the thing on the trailer and put it right where I pointed in the yard. My heart went pitter patter for the Man I love and adore and the amazing, caring young man we are raising. What a blessed woman I am.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. Love this!! I finally got my hammock this summer, too. I’ve watching them be made at Pawley’s Island as long as I can remember. This year was my year to get it. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do. Even when it’s cool, a pillow and a quilt make it a reading spot that’s hard to beat.

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