Do Over

I have been struggling with this canvas for the past couple of days. It won’t go anywhere interesting. When that happens I will sometimes lay a canvas aside to look at later. Usually, when I come back, it will turn into something entirely different. Looking at this one this morning I realized it was becoming a “do over” canvas, and I did not want to lay it aside to come back to it later. I want to fix it now!
What a gorgeous illustration of repentance and forgiveness. I don’t have to hold onto or wallow in any of the mess I create. I get to ask for a do-over from the one who holds the power to grant my request. Just like that, it is done!
That does not mean there are not consequences. I will likely leave bits of the old painting to show through the new. Those are there to remind me what it was so I can be even more excited about what it is becoming.

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