Veiling With Acrylics Mini Tutorial

photo-12Every artist has their own unique process or technique for painting.  Mine is crazy.  I am serious.  Most of my paintings go through multiple stages and layers before finally landing at a good place to stop. I hesitate to say finished, because I don’t really know that they every really are.  My process mirrors my life. It is a continual cycle of change, learning, holding, experiencing and releasing.

One technique I use often in my process is veiling. I add a ghostly layer of paint over top of work that is already laid down to obscure it somewhat but not entirely.  I have had questions about veiling through my Facebook page. So I thought I would share a little tutorial on a couple of ways to veil with acrylics. Hope you enjoy it.  Would love to hear from you if you found it helpful.

Prayer Pouch Necklace Online Class

I am super excited to invite you to join me for my first online class. I will be teaching my prayer pouch necklaces over at The Graceful Artist. The Graceful Artist is a new format for online classes that puts faith in Christ front and center. The environment offers students a place to learn and grow artistically while also sharing authentically about their faith. I am very pleased to be a part of this new venture. Elizabeth Johnson is our host for the event.

My prayer pouches are designed to carry written prayers or verses so the wearer can keep them close by to meditate on. The pouches are made with painted canvas. I will teach you a variety of different techniques for getting interesting color and pattern onto your canvas. We will learn how to design and assemble all the pieces and stitch them by hand or machine. You do not need to have a sewing machine, as I will share a hand stitching method of construction in addition to machine stitching. I will also show you how to make your own necklace cord out of a variety of materials. We will cover some basic jewelry construction and wire wrapping to finish off the necklace.
The class opens May 15 and runs through July 11. The cost is $55. Our wonderful sponsor, Jerry’s Artarama is offering a 20% discount on supplies for the class to all registered students!
I hope you will join me. Have a look at some of the other class offerings. There is a great variety!